[Photos] As battle for Mosul continues, 100,000 Iraqis are displaced

SULAIMANI – The Iraq Minister for Migration and Displacement, Darbaz Mohammed, announced on Sunday (December 11) that 100,000 people have now been displaced since the offensive to liberate Mosul from Islamic State (ISIS) began.

Having fled the ISIS stronghold of Mosul, displaced Iraqis are given shelter in designated camps to the south and east of Mosul, in areas that are safe and away from active frontlines.

While some Iraqis have been able to return to liberated areas, with the battle for Mosul still ongoing, the number of displaced from Mosul is expected to continue to rise for weeks to come.  

At risk from direct and indirect fire, unexploded ordnance, and attacks by ISIS militants who may look to retaliate against civilians as they continue to lose ground, thousands of civilians continue to flee every day.