Kirkuk police rescue man one day after his abduction by ISIS

Kirkuk police rescue man one day after his abduction by ISIS
4 years ago

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KIRKUK — Kurdish security forces in western Kirkuk rescued a man on Tuesday (May 30) who two Islamic State (ISIS) members had kidnapped the previous day.

A Suburban Kirkuk Police Chief, Sarhad Qadir, told NRT the man was abducted on Monday (May 29) after witnessing the militants bombing an oil pipeline from the Bai Hassan oilfield.

Two ISIS militants were killed in a police raid in western Kirkuk and in villages around the Dibiz area. Qadir confirmed to NRT the abducted man was rescued.

One police officer and a captain from the oil and gas police were killed and a lieutenant from Dibiz Police was wounded during the clashes with the ISIS fighters, he added.

ISIS militants have been active in and around Kirkuk since the group’s rampage across Iraq in 2014 and the governorate’s Hawija district remains one of the group’s two remaining militant strongholds in the country.

Hawija, located some 50 km southwest of the city of Kirkuk, became an ISIS stronghold when militants swept across northern and western Iraq in 2014.

Hawija has a population of around 245,000, and is a mostly Sunni-Muslim inhabited district which has led to dissatisfaction among Sunni officials against any mention of Shia militia participation in the Hawija offensive.