Commission: Zakho has become drug gateway to Turkey, Syria

Commission: Zakho has become drug gateway to Turkey, Syria
4 years ago

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SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Region’s Independent Commission for Human Rights said the region’s district of Zakho has become a gateway between Iran, Turkey and Syria for drug trafficking.

Head of the commission, Zya Pitros, told reporters on Sunday (May 21) that Zakho has become a bridge for transferring drugs from Iran to Turkey and Syria.

“According to the information we have received, drugs are entering Zakho from Iran as it is a border area,” the commission’s head added. “Part of it is exported to Turkey and Syria. What this means is that Zakho has become a bridge.”

Pitros warned all the Kurdish forces to deal with the issue because youth in the region may use the drugs if there is a prevalence of them in the area.

Kurdish officials warned that drug trafficking threatens to become an epidemic if anti-drug forces fail to curtail the rise of activities in the region.

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Anti-Drug Directorate in Sulaimani, Jalal Amin Bag, said on January 3 that the trade and use of drugs had increased in 2016.

According to security officials, many of the drugs were imported illegally to the Kurdistan Region from neighboring Iran.