Iran film event aims to bolster Iran, Iraq cultural ties

Iran film event aims to bolster Iran, Iraq cultural ties
4 years ago

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BAGHDAD – Dubbed 'Iran Film Week,' a recent film festival in Baghdad showcased an array of Iranian films to an Iraqi audience.

The aim of the event is to boost cultural and cinematic ties between the two neighboring nations.

Iraq and Iran are well-known for their silver screen productions. But in recent years, where cinema production in Iraq has dwindled, in Iran it has flourished.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture in both Iraq and Iran.

Five Tehran-made films were screened and a number of workshops will be taking place to provide training for local talent.

"God willing, we will show an Iraqi film in Tehran in accordance with the accord that we have signed. There will be an agreement to do cinematic workshops to upgrade the cinema department in the Directorate of Cinema and Theatre,"' said Iraqi film and theatre director Faris Tu'ma.

Films produced between 2015 and 2017 were screened at the event.

"Iranian cinema and Iranian culture, mainly the scenarios and dialogue are very well developed, with regards to the Middle East it is regarded to be at the top level, top level of cinema in the Middle East with regards to production, decor, editing, makeup, and dialogue and the selection of topics," added Iraqi film critic Murtadha Al-Timimi.

Iranian filmmakers have won a number of awards at international film festivals, with Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's film 'The Salesman' winning the Oscar for best foreign language film in February.

Tehran-based Farhadi also won Iran's first Academy Award with his film 'A Separation.'