First Kurd executed after Rouhani's re-election as president

First Kurd executed after Rouhani's re-election as president
4 years ago

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SULAIMANI – A 33-year-old has became the first Kurd to be executed by the Iranian government since Hassan Rouhani’s re-election as Iranian President earlier this week.

A human rights advocacy agency in Iranian-Kurdistan, Hangaw, reported that “A Kurd was executed early on Tuesday (May 23) after remaining in detention at Kermashan’s Dezlawa prison.”

The executed man has been named as 33-year-old Mehrdad Askari from the city of Humaili in Kermashan. Askari was executed after serving five years in prison for drug trafficking offenses.

Iranian authorities have executed as many 328 Kurds in the first four years of Hassan Rouhani’s presidency, according to statistics recorded by human rights organizations in Iranian-Kurdistan.

Kurdish Iranian civil activists said in March this year that the Iranian government has executed as many as 138 Kurds in a one year period due to a variety of offenses, including drug trafficking.