Peshmerga Ministry: There will be no withdraw from liberated areas

Peshmerga Ministry:  There will be no withdraw from liberated areas
3 years ago

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SULAIMANI – Kurdish forces will not withdraw from areas taken from Islamic State (ISIS) militants before the Mosul operation, the Peshmerga Ministry spokesman said in response to remarks made by former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

“After attack by Daesh [ISIS] terrorists and overrunning a part of Kurdistan, Peshmerga forces regained those areas and drew the Kurdistan border with their blood,” ministry spokesman Halgurd Hikmat said in a statement released on Wednesday (January 4).

During a press conference in Iran’s capital of Tehran on Wednesday (January 4), Maliki stated that the Kurdistan Region must not cross border lines agreed on in 2003.

The Peshmerga Ministry called the border lines Maliki referred to as “sidelines” drawn between the Baath regime army and Peshmerga forces.

“According to a mutual agreement struck between Iraq, Kurdistan Region and the U.S., the areas regained by Peshmerga before the Mosul operation are retained by Kurdistan, while the fate of the other areas would be according to the decision of their residents,” Hikmat said.

Iraq’s government has long reiterated that Kurdish forces must withdraw from areas regained from Islamic State (ISIS) forces as the push towards Mosul intensifies.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari said on December 29, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) “has no right” to hold onto areas taken by Peshmerga forces in the battle against Islamic State (ISIS) in the country.

Peshmerga officials have shown a stance in opposition to the Peshmerga’s withdrawal, saying an agreement reached with the United States would see Peshmerga retain areas it liberated.