Kurdish officials, parties denounce murder of Islamic preacher in Erbil

Kurdish officials, parties denounce murder of Islamic preacher in Erbil
5 years ago

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 SULAIMANI — Senior Kurdish officials and political parties denounced the murder of an Islamic preacher which occurred in the Kurdistan Region’s capital on Tuesday night (November 22) when he was killed by a group of gunmen.

The gunmen shot and killed Islamic preacher Hoshiar Ismail at his home in Erbil at about midnight on Tuesday. Ismail died at West Erbil Emergency Hospital due to the critical condition of his wounds.

“This invidious act is another dark spot in the history records,” Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, said on Wednesday (November 23), calling for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.  

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Yousif Mohammed expressed concern over the murder of Ismail, saying it is an extension of a “series of terror and terrorizing thoughts” against Islamic preachers, journalists, writers, members of Peshmerga and activists in the region’s capital of Erbil.

The first Secretary-General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Kosrat Rasul, said the act to kill the preacher is a dark spot in the experience of the Kurdistan Region.

“Murdering preachers at this time when there are attempts to make peace is invidious,” Rasul said. “The related institutions must find the perpetrators soon and bring them to justice.”

The Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) issued a statement on Wednesday saying the attacks have reached Islamic leaders in addition to the crises in the Kurdistan Region and called on security institutions to find the perpetrators.

“The authorities will be accused if the perpetrators of this terror are not revealed,” the statement said. “The terror against this preacher comes a few months after the murder of journalist Wedad Hussein in Duhok, whose case has not seen any progress yet.”

The Kurdistan Islamic Union’s (KIU) Political Council also released a statement denouncing the murder of the preacher, saying, “The killing of this preacher in front of his home in the Kurdistan Region’s capital is a big security challenge and the security forces, the police and related institutions must seriously follow the steps of this big crime and not allow the perpetrators to escape without punishment.”

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) also issued a statement on Wednesday condemning the murder of the preacher and called on security forces to find the perpetrators.

“The martyrdom of preacher Hoshiar, known for moderation and patriotism in the religious and political center in Erbil and the Kurdistan Region, is a monstrous crime which spoils stability and security in Erbil,” the KDP said.

The Change Movement (Gorran) bloc in the Kurdistan Parliament released a statement denouncing the killing of the preacher. “Besides protecting the life of the people, it is certainly the duty of authorities and related institutions to find and bring the perpetrators to justice,” the bloc said.