Efforts continue to reactivate Kurdistan Parliament

Efforts continue to reactivate Kurdistan Parliament
5 years ago

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SULAIMANI — Kurdish parliamentary blocs continue efforts to resume sessions of Kurdistan’s Parliament, which has been in recess since last October.

The leaders of the blocs in Kurdistan’s Parliament are waiting for Speaker Yousif Mohammed to return to the Kurdistan Region and make a final decision on the time and place for a meeting.

A lawmaker from the Change Movement (Gorran), Bahar Mohammed, told NRT on Sunday (October 2) they will hold the meeting outside of Erbil if they are not allowed to hold the meeting in the city.

“If the quorum is met, the parliamentary meeting [will be held] in Erbil or outside of Erbil because a session is allowed outside Erbil,” Mohammed said.

A member of parliament from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Hayat Majid, said the heads of the parliamentary blocs will not be able to reactivate parliament without an agreement from the political parties.

“Only a political agreement can reactive Kurdistan’s Parliament,” Majid said.

Parliamentary blocs, not including the KDP bloc, continue efforts to meet parliament’s quorum to reactive Kurdistan’s Parliament in order to hold sessions and discuss issues and crises in the region during sessions.

Kurdistan’s Parliament has been in recess since October 12, 2015 after Speaker Mohammed was prevented from entering Erbil by KDP-allied forces.

The prevention of the speaker’s entry to Erbil came after the five major political parties failed to reach an agreement on the presidency law in the region last October. Demonstrations took place in parts of the Kurdistan Region where offices of several parties were set on fire.

The KDP accused Gorran of setting fire to their offices but Gorran denies these allegations. The KDP calls for the removal of Speaker Mohammed from his position and Gorran has refused the demand.