Nationwide protest begins in Kurdistan Region

Nationwide protest begins in Kurdistan Region
5 years ago

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SULAIMANI — Hundreds of people went on strike on Tuesday (September 27) in several parts of the Kurdistan Region in protest against salary delays and a decision to cut payments as part of austerity measures by the government.

Community figures and teachers on strike have been granted permission for the demonstration, according to information obtained by NRT.

Teachers refused to participate in the new academic year and gathered alongside the public outside of the Sulaimani General Directorate of Education and the office of the Sulaimani Governorate.

Angry demonstrators staged protests in Halabja, Darbandikhan, Kalar, Kifri, Rania, Qaladze, Chamchamal, Khurmal and several other locations in the Kurdistan Region.

Protestors called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to review its system of payments, announced early this year, which reduces the salaries of employees in the Kurdistan Region according to their position in the government.

Demonstrators on strike took to the streets in Qaladze, blocking traffic and denouncing the current situation of the public and government employees.

Protestors in Sulaimani blocked a major road in the city and headed toward the office of the Sulaimani Provincial Council.

“We must not pay the price for the government’s misguided policy,” one protestor told NRT.

Salaries for government workers have been plagued by delays since 2014 and Kurdish authorities have repeatedly said they cannot make payments due to a number of crises affecting the region.